This is an education, coaching, mentoring, diagnostic, support group and community membership program. It is not psychotherapy or Behavior Analysis. (These interventions are not fully behavior-analytic in nature and are not covered by my BCBA credential.)

For those living in the state of California, the diagnostic assessments are conducted under my LCSW license and are considered a medical diagnosis. For those outside of California, the diagnostic assessments are for educational purposes and are not considered an official medical diagnosis.

(If you are interested in virtual psychotherapy and live in the state of California, contact me regarding session availability.)

For thoughts, behaviors or actions that pose a danger to life or well-being, please reach out to a local professional for immediate assistance.

This is not a substitute for any medical advice.

Material on this website is for informational and/or educational purposes only and is not intended to provide or be a substitute for professional services. Use of this website does not establish a therapeutic relationship.