Virtual Support Group 

For Autistic Women (including trans, AFAB, and gender diverse) Self-Identified or Diagnosed in Adulthood.

Virtual Support Groups

For Autistic Women (including trans, AFAB, and gender diverse) Self-Identified or Diagnosed in Adulthood

Do you feel alone? Do you feel like other’s don’t understand you and that you need to hide your true self? The reality is you are not alone! Joining our support groups may be just the thing to help you.

Our support groups are a safe, consistent, and non-judgement place to meet with others who share your struggles understand what you are going through. The groups are psychotherapist led, and the focus of each group will depend on the needs of the members.

We discuss what people are dealing with in their daily lives, as well as topics that the group members decide to discuss, such as masking, stimming, relationships, working in a neurotypical world, sensory issues to name a few.

The groups meet weekly for 3 months. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other and build a comfort level where you can truly be yourself and unmask if you choose.

The cost is $40 per week and there are limited slots for those needing financial assistance. If you are interested, please schedule a discovery call where we can meet, and you can find out more information. 

I was in Jen’s support group

I was in Jen’s support group

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I absolutely would recommend this support group – it’s truly valuable and an absolutely safe space. I felt understood, validated, and had a sense of community. I would say the support group leader Jen is an incredible therapist. She led the group with confidence, empathy, compassion and really truly cares.

Carly Considine

I would recommend this group to others. Every week I looked forward to having this safe place to return to where I could share my truth and not worry about being misunderstood or judged! I liked the structure of the group. It felt like a safe place, and it was led with love and compassion.

Karen Young

I recommend this support group to any and all newly diagnosed ND women. I felt like I finally belonged! Through becoming friends with people who understand me, I grew and learned so much about myself. I realized there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and there are people in the world who will love and accept me for who I am. I wish everyone knew of Jen and the amazing work she does! This group forever changed my life for the better


I was recently diagnosed…and I wanted to understand more about it…why I was different from everyone else, or if I was just making up the difference in my head. It DID make a difference…all of us being autistic…and it was much easier to interact with this group than the groups of neurotypical women I’d interacted with in the past. I felt validated, rather than having to defend my opinions and feelings from others who thought I was being too sensitive or overthinking things… it helped me to understand and accept myself. I think this (group) is an essential thing to experience for your own mental health.


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